CoChro Day 4

This is Day 4 of the Covid Chronicles. (CoChro)  The Philippine President placed Metro Manila on a Community Quarantine on 15 March 2020.    Despite the already strict protocols, he announced an Enhanced Community Quarantine on the afternoon of 16 March 2020.   On 17 March 2020, public transportation services were suspended.    All businesses except for essential services would remain operational.

Today, it seemed there was a spark that ignited a deep-seated class rift.    Influencer, Cat Arambulo posted  “motherf——-” rant on her IG as she watched the many workers who tried to get to work this morning.  Normally, her bratty complaints would be just the thing to get her more followers.  But today her dose of vinegar just curdled and festered among netizens.   Elitist, insensitive and out-of-touch said one young journalist.    When she said that, she was critical and polite to the famous millionaire blogger.   Harsher still were the bashing received from others.   I guess, Arambulo fell over the tipping point where one’s attention-seeking antics become matapobre.  By mid-day, Cat bit her tongue and apologized.  She probably miscalculated and didn’t realize that so many people would view the same news clip and feel compassion for those who have less ability to fight the Coronavirus.

Today, my friend lent her truck to bring basic goods to nurses assigned to Tarlac hospitals.   The truck normally delivers fine custom furniture Luzon-wide.  But today, it would be filled with lots of boxes of cup noodles, bottled water, crackers, cookies, coffee, and iced tea that would be that extra boost, something that would fill the nurses’ short breaks and enable them to work with a little more pep.  Rather than freak out, my friend saw that she had the ability to help a nation that is fully-equipped with immense hope and ill-prepared to be on the path of pandemic.   I find most admirable that she didn’t need to post her charitable work  in social media.  I would rather see more IG of kindness than the IG of that awful Tibetan Singing Bowl Ceremony which caused more ire than good.

Today, another friend sent me photos of N95 masks, protective gear, disinfectants and lunch packs delivered to the frontliners in several Metro Manila public hospitals.   She had called everyone she knew for small donations. She mined her rich network and in the end she found people to donate  what they had for six (6) public hospitals.    Many hospitals normally order for these in advance but there is an Asia-wide shortage since Wuhan announced its lockdown.  For her, the hordes of people still going around the city meant the virus would be fought by these soldiers in white.   They needed to be stocked on the supplies and the faithful support of many anonymous donors.  The smile on the frontliner’s face when she saw the boxes was priceless.  No stamps on the boxes delivered.   No announcements.

Today, SBS Philippines Corporation announced the unexpected passing of its 65-year old billionaire founder and Chairman.   He died quietly as P124 on the DOH PH Covid Summary of Positive Cases.  He was a chemical magnate who travelled to Singapore early this March when he began to feel the symptoms.  Since he had always worked since he was 16, he was back at work after a few days rest. A few days later, his chills led him to a hospital bed and the day after unto his death bed.  It also led everyone who worked with him into a dizzy spin trying to recall if they had met him since the 5th of March.

Day 4 Four Stories  Pope Francis said today “We are all the children of God and He watches over us” God sees the giver, the salt of earth, the light of the world.    May more light the world with hope and love these next days.


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