The Power of the Sun

Day 11 of the Covid Chronicle

Today, I want to talk the power of the sun.

I have had challenges this week including taking a relative to the hospital and a doctor-friend called me for a long conversation on how one does self-isolation the correct way: a key ingredient is sunlight.

  • Park the car in the sunlight. The sun emits UV rays, a known virus-killer.    If you want to disinfect your car, park it outside or the sunny side of your garage.
  • Bathe yourself under the sun for about 15 minutes. If you shower to cleanse your body, sunbathe to strengthen your immunity.  Morning sunshine is known to deliver the Vitamin D we require.   Open your windows to let the sun and fresh air in if you can, good air circulation is required.   Viruses may linger in the corner of our homes especially in air conditioners.   Sunshine is also mood-boosting.    In times like this, we need to face our challenges with positivity.
  • Hang your laundry in the sunlight. There has been shortage of clorox, bleach and disinfectant products.   Laundromats are closed. No problem.    Hang your laundry or place other things you wish to disinfect in the sunlight.

The sun shines on Gingham Lane today.  19 more days to go.  Go and have some sun and in case you have had too much, I have a lot of aloe vera.

aloe vera



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