Comfort Us, O Lord

I found especially moving the Litany of Supplication before the Blessed Sacrament.   We respond “Save us, O Lord”, “Comfort us, O Lord”, “Grant Us Your Spirit, O Lord” and the words expressed the desperation I felt in my soul.

The Power of the Sun

Day 11 of the Covid Chronicle Today, I want to talk the power of the sun. I have had challenges this week including taking a relative to the hospital and a doctor-friend called me for a long conversation on how one does self-isolation the correct way: a key ingredient is sunlight. Park the car in…

CoChro Day 4

God sees the giver, the salt of earth, the light of the world.    May more light the world with hope and love these next days.

Plasma Donors Save Lives

Day 76 of the Covid Chronicles. Last 15 April 2020,  I did something I never thought I would do.   I put out my cellphone number all over the internet and social media as I desperately looked for a convalescent plasma donor.   The requirements were tough: Same blood type as my sister Under 60 years old…

Self-Quarantine Day 10

My brother-in-law lost his battle against the coronavirus last week.   His lungs were assisted by a ventilator but his heart just gave up.    I had to go to the hospital and settle his affairs and assist my sister, I am now a Person Under Monitoring or PUM

Day 9 Leftovers

Day 9 Covid Chronicles and I am beginning to appreciate having Leftovers. The photo above shows the food items I bought while travelling in 2019 and didn’t consume.  One picks up a lot of little things as presents for others (pasalubong) and also for one’s home (souvenir). On the third version of community quarantine guidelines,…

Home Work

The work speaks of my hope that the businesses will continue and my job will there at the end of the quarantine


 I mourn my more carefree way of life before this virus reached our shores.   I pray for his soul.   I weep because there will be no wake, no eulogy, no tributes for this deserving and kind man. I am sad for his spouse who is now in required isolation.  She grieves without a hand to hold or a warm hug.  Sadly, their protective dogs are not allowed in the medical facility.   I hope to see her one day.

2018 – The Year of Vegetables

We all make New Year’s resolutions and lose them as early as February so I am making a New Year commitment.   For 2018, I will prepare a vegetable dish/dinner every Sunday.  I will share the process and photos here.  Recipes are available on request. There are many reasons to cook vegetables at home.   This commitment…

Sparks Memory – Along the Konmari Way

Townhouse living means a lifestyle of always keeping what matters at home.  When we decided to move to Gingham Lane, we gave up a suburban home lifestyle.  Moving  from 450 square meters to 107 requires frequent decisions about one s personal belongings.    It means accepting an annual season for serious decluttering.  This is best…

Lego Let Go

As part of my New Year s resolution to lose weight, I decided to also lose weight or rather mass in our home.   I decided to begin the clean up during Lent.  Someone suggested on Facebook to give up one thing everyday for 40 days.    The decluttering bug stuck beyond Easter and  I…