Self-Quarantine Day 10

Photo by Mish Vizesi on Unsplash

Day 21 of the Covid Chronicle or Day 21 since the Community Quarantine.  Day 10 of Self-Quarantine.

My brother-in-law lost his battle against the coronavirus last week.   His lungs were assisted by a ventilator but his heart just gave up.    I had to go to the hospital and settle his affairs and assist my sister, I am now a Person Under Monitoring or PUM.

The City Health Office called today rather late as I had already informed the Barangay one (1) week ago. It bothers me a little that she only checked on my self-quarantine on the 10th day.  It saddens me that by the time the mass testing is rolled out, I am about to complete my 14-day quarantine.  I am comforted though by the fact that our barangay sent a disinfection crew to my house last week before they had any idea I was a PUM.  I am very fortunate.

Lately, I have been counting my blessings.   My neighbors have been helping me purchase food and other essentials.  My nephew took over my errands. My housekeeper has been preparing healthy meals.   My employer gave me an ECQ loan along with my salary.   There is sunshine most days so I need not worry that the pharmacies are short on Vitamin D, Melatonin, Vitamin C, and Zinc, the PUM supplement cocktail recommended.   My friends and co-workers have been chatting with me so I can get through this isolation without losing my mind. My family has been praying together every evening.  For once, we are deeply united in our love for my sick sister and this belief that a loving God hears our prayer.

NEDA sent out a consumer questionaire for consumers today.   One of the questions was whether I felt my life would be affected negatively after the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).  While the question related largely to income, deep inside I felt very grateful for my life and circumstances and after the ECQ, I believe I would live my life more positively despite a concern with my income.   I felt I had some things in my life that money can’t buy.










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