Home Work

The Community Quarantine encouraged Work from Home (WFH) arrangements.   While they are not impossible to do, it has its share of challenges.  I struggle with it on Day 7 CoChro.

The first challenge is real estate.  While most employees have a designated work area at their employer’s place of business, a home office is a luxury in Metro Manila.  This is the same in most highly-populated Asian cities.

The second challenge is telecommunication infrastructure.  Most WFH  arrangements are highly dependent on the internet.   The cost for telecommunications services in the Philippines is the highest in South East Asia.   Worse, the costs of the services are the highest in Asia.

The third challenge is distraction.    The government has given new instructions almost every other day.  The rules are more restricting and more detailed.   At the same time, it seems the public health employees are ill-equipped, running low on morale and sometimes just hungry and tired.     Some neighbors are less compliant because they have either Covid-phobia or they have cabinfever.  Some neighbors are helpful.    Yet, many more are anxious as everyday is more uncertain than the next.

The fourth challenge is motivation.   With this doomsday atmosphere, one thinks if one would like to remember one’s non-sick days working: Why not catch up on Kingdom?   Why not do a Konmari purge?  Why not meet your friends on Zoom?

Despite all this, I try to do some work.   The work speaks of my hope that the businesses will continue and my job will there at the end of the quarantine. I try to learn something new because maybe I can take better photographs when I travel next season.   I do my ankle and leg exercises because I hope after these months of favoring my right leg, I will get to run outside.






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