Plasma Donors Save Lives

Day 76 of the Covid Chronicles. Last 15 April 2020,  I did something I never thought I would do.   I put out my cellphone number all over the internet and social media as I desperately looked for a convalescent plasma donor.   The requirements were tough: Same blood type as my sister Under 60 years old…

Self-Quarantine Day 10

My brother-in-law lost his battle against the coronavirus last week.   His lungs were assisted by a ventilator but his heart just gave up.    I had to go to the hospital and settle his affairs and assist my sister, I am now a Person Under Monitoring or PUM

Comfort Us, O Lord

I found especially moving the Litany of Supplication before the Blessed Sacrament.   We respond “Save us, O Lord”, “Comfort us, O Lord”, “Grant Us Your Spirit, O Lord” and the words expressed the desperation I felt in my soul.

The Power of the Sun

Day 11 of the Covid Chronicle Today, I want to talk the power of the sun. I have had challenges this week including taking a relative to the hospital and a doctor-friend called me for a long conversation on how one does self-isolation the correct way: a key ingredient is sunlight. Park the car in…

Day 9 Leftovers

Day 9 Covid Chronicles and I am beginning to appreciate having Leftovers. The photo above shows the food items I bought while travelling in 2019 and didn’t consume.  One picks up a lot of little things as presents for others (pasalubong) and also for one’s home (souvenir). On the third version of community quarantine guidelines,…

CoChro Day 4

God sees the giver, the salt of earth, the light of the world.    May more light the world with hope and love these next days.


 I mourn my more carefree way of life before this virus reached our shores.   I pray for his soul.   I weep because there will be no wake, no eulogy, no tributes for this deserving and kind man. I am sad for his spouse who is now in required isolation.  She grieves without a hand to hold or a warm hug.  Sadly, their protective dogs are not allowed in the medical facility.   I hope to see her one day.