Its been a long while since I have written on this Blog.   In a way, life has taken me further away from Gingham Lane for a time.  Perhaps, it was the new job.   Maybe it was the myriad ways I rushed to end the decade.   Possibly, it was all of it.   No matter. I find myself back where I began in a rather changed new world created by virus that came from a city in Wuhan, China that somehow managed to dominate the entire globe.

Day 1 of this Chronicle begins on the first day of the Community Quarantine sensationalized by media as the “Lockdown”.   I find Millenials wrestling fitfully against its rules because they have been blessed not to have been born of a time when quarantines, lockdowns, martial law, nation-wide strikes, travel bans were implemented because they were necessary.  For those who are older, it is a return to the standard procedures a community is to do to weather shared difficulty.   It is a time to remember not what you can demand of the State but what you can do for your country and fellowmen.

Quite simply, we are asked to stay home and go back to basics.  It is a wonderful lesson particularly on a Sunday when the metropolitan quarantine begins.   While many feel the need to constantly check their smart phones and find out how many have been infected, this is probably the most useless thing to do.

The first thing to do might to ensure that the cellphone has been wiped clean with a damp cloth containing an effective disinfectant.   Along the way, the phoneowner might consider  leaving the smartphone for a while and take a full bath and changing in a clean set of clothes.  At the barest minimum, it would be best to wash one’s hands with soap while singing “A Whole New World”.

Since the smartphone is left best charging for the day, I recommend a ten (10) minute walk in the sunshine before 8 am to recharge with Vitamin D.    Some 30 breaths using WimHof method, 1 minute box-breathing or pranayama might be just the thing to detoxiy and re-energize.

Nutritious food may be the key to immunity as it has been the key to healing among Covid 19 patients in Vietnam.   After a fine breakfast, it might be a good idea to practice social distancing and cancel social gatherings that are unnecessary. A polite text or chat After all, the recent documented transmissions have come from two (2) people who wanted to console their friends at a wake.  One might consider watching the livestream of mass or catching a spiritual podcast to keep one positive and motivated.   More than ever, it is best to find the light of a positive mind in one’s self.

After you have done everything I have recommended, please count your blessings.   Be grateful that in the great scheme of things, you maybe so very blessed reading this blog with no worries other than what to watch on Netflix.

I lost a friend last Friday from COVID 19.   He was just helping a relative visit a physician at the hospital last week, a very common Philippine circumstance. However, after doing this favor, he returned home feeling worse than the person he accompanied.    He felt feverish and soon it was difficult for him to breathe.     He was admitted in the hospital and the staff all they could to help him recover from pnemonia.   We were praying that he would recover soon.    Alas, he didnt wake up on the morning of 13 March 2020.    After his passing, the family received news that his death was due to Covid 19.

So on Day 1, I mourn my friend.   There was no time in the busy days following the lockdown announcement.    I had to care for the living and purchase with so many others the items required before 15 March 2020.   This is the only day I spared a thought for this loss.   I am grateful that we had many shared happy occasions.   I mourn my more carefree way of life before this virus reached our shores.   I pray for his soul.   I weep because there will be no wake, no eulogy, no tributes for this deserving and kind man. I am sad for his spouse who is now in required isolation.  She grieves without a hand to hold or a warm hug.  Sadly, their protective dogs are not allowed in the medical facility.   I hope to see her one day.

Day 1

1 in 111

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  1. nesfelicio says:

    Sorry to hear about your loss.
    Hope you stay safe…

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