About Me

You will find me Living on Gingham Lane. I moved to Gingham Lane after a series of upheavals.   It is as if I was destined to live here.

I live beneath a big unhampered view of the sky above our small townhouse. I am a single mom in a coupled community.  I am 40 going on 50 raising a child at the cusp of adulthood.

When we lived here, I realized I had lived such a regimented professional life.  It seemed appropriate that I live on Gingham Lane.

Gingham is a print of lines and spaces.   I would like to think that this blog  is my chronicle of the spaces.     The lines are the roles I have as mother, lawyer, manager, teacher, catechist.     The spaces reflect my interior voice, my personal journey, the writer (and photographer) of herstories.

I have deliberately hidden a full profile of myself as I hope the readers find me in writing, in the shadows, in the different parts of me sprinkled throughout this blog.

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