Lego Let Go

As part of my New Year s resolution to lose weight, I decided to also lose weight or rather mass in our home.   I decided to begin the clean up during Lent.  Someone suggested on Facebook to give up one thing everyday for 40 days.    The decluttering bug stuck beyond Easter and  I progressed to trying the  KonMari method.   

Marie Kondo says family members will join you tidying up when they see the benefits of you tidying up for yourself.    Today my son joined and I was the one flooded with emotions.  My son said “Goodbye” to his Legos which will be donated to a boys orphanage.  

Leaving Legoes Behind

While I appreciated his cooperation and  kindness, I had my “a-ha” moment.     At this time, I realized my son was letting go of boyhood things and making room for the stuff of adulthood.   I had  a difficult time packing the nerfs and  Legos.    

I am a little relieved he decided that Pokemons and Super Soakers still “spark joy”.   

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