Roads Taken and Paths Walked  (Weekly Photo Challenge with Shoefies) 

After reading about this week s challenge –The Road Taken.  I realize I had a natural interest in this theme.  I have a collection of roads I have taken and paths I tread on.  There’s a collection of shoefies in my blog to mark where my steps have landed and photos in my collection to record travel and journey.    

Manhole at Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, Hanoi

 So this week, I am offering up a selected collection of the roads (and paths) taken. (2017 only). 

Flowerbed along Hoan Kiem lake in Hanoi

I hope you find me along these ways and just maybe you will discover a Editlittle of yourself as you re – visit these places with me.   

St Joseph’s Cathedral Hanoi (scooters everywhere)
Path leading to Hanoi s Temple of Literature

Please drop a comment or two. I just might be motivated to post the 2016 collection as well.  

Garden path Midori Hotel, Clark Airfield, Pampanga
Marker at Chidlom, Bangkok
Graffiti wall along lakeside road, West Lake District, Hanoi
Flower vendor on two wheels, Old Quarter, Hanoi
Tour via Vespa, Ho Chi Minh City
Private Pier along Saigon river near entrance of Cuchi tunnels
Floor at Cucina Higala Cagayan de Oro City
Floortiles at Hanoi Social Club in Hanoi

Tile at Brick Burger, Pasig City
West wing, Makiling Retreat House

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