Tiny Traces of Christmas-WPC

I live in a tiny townhouse on Gingham Lane. It provides convenient inspiration for this week’s challenge Tiny    
Filipinos start anticipating the holidays as soon as the “ber” months begin. Christmas decorations are up in homes as soon as Halloween paraphernalia goes down. (Thanksgiving is for Americans)

Rather than have a Christmas tree that would take 1/6 of the living room, I fill the little cracks and little spaces with holiday reminders.   I do have a Christmas tree — a tiny one on a pillow, tinier than the holiday teddy.   

The house is filled with the fragrance of Starbucks Christmas Blend.   I already have my usual holiday present, something from the Chosen Children Village Foundation.  This year s fundraiser is a calendar featuring the art of Dominic Rubio — an artist who features huge faces over tiny bodies.   

A favorite Christmas tradition is to display our tiny Christmas train.   It was gifted to us by my son’s preschool best friend.   It commemorates the holiday his Christmas list was Thomas the Train and friends.    

Since I couldn’t hang our Christmas decorations on a tree, they are sprinkled throughout the house finding homes in clear glass bowls.   

This is how I fill our tiny home with Holiday warmth: bits of memory, tiny holiday pieces, and a generous heart.

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