On Living and Writing

Today, I was asked “Why do I write?” Simply, I write to live.

First, it is required in my profession. I am a lawyer. While most people consider the stereotype of a lawyer who is arguing in the Courtroom, the vast majority of legal work is really, WRITING. From law school entrance exams to law school itself to taking the bar examinations then to law firm’s correspondence with clients, preparing agreements, deeds and wills and submitting motions, pleadings and appeals to the Court, I declare that my professional life is 51% writing and the rest is reading and listening and maybe only 10% is left for oral expression.

Recently, I realized that I had very little private writing or writing for personal reasons. I began this blog to find my private voice: the persona that is beyond one’s work and she was very hard to find. I am still discovering this other person who writes to search and examine the world and one’s self in the world.

It has been one year since my first entry and it has been a revelation. I appreciate that WordPress, Smartphones and the Internet have enabled me to start, continue, improve and remain motivated. The writing and the process of writing has given me more self-awareness and increased my appreciation for life. I write because it makes my life more meaningful. I have discovered that my writing ensures I am living in contrast to merely existing.

So here I am living and writing on Gingham Lane.

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  1. Dina S. says:

    As I read, I pictured a very wise person telling a heartfelt story. I can’t wait to read more from you.

    1. Thank you for inspiring me. Dina. I do not believe I am a wise woman — so speaks one whose heart has been oft-broken. However, I am much blessed and much loved and recover often as well.

      1. Dina S. says:

        And a very modest one, I must say. You inspire me! As I have much to learn from you. Pleasw demolish that wall that’s been keeping you back and write on… share with the world your beautiful words.

  2. Hi..I like the reasons given by you and the way you write. I am not a lawyer but a boring banker. Writing is an escape for me for the monotony of banking. Will check out your blogs soon.
    My blog is https://lifeateacher.wordpress.com/

    1. There are things we do for a living and there are things we do to live. It’s important for everyone to do both and to know the difference. Thank you for the positive feedback.

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