Portrait of Resilience

It has been difficult since my mother passed away.   There seemed no shortage of challenges and opportunities seemed rare.   I feel blessed though that she taught me a great deal about resilience.   So now this weekly photo challenge reflects me, a self portrait of someone who is  Resilient.

I am posting new and old photos of myself or sometimes parts of myself. They show where I have been. While I dont know the Future, I am certain I will face it with faith, hope, humour and resilience.

My initial and my son s
My toys and toy box
The back of my head as I look at an art installation at the Art Fair
My shoes and voting area this 2016
My sarong before a swim
My backside as I try rock climbing with a slipping sock
My flats at the Chapel in Hospicio de San Jose
My sneakers at Our Lady of Manaoag
My shadow as I photograph a banana plantation in Bukidnon
My backpack when I took a look at the Toblerone Hills on the Pinatubo Trek
My kicks along an iron tinted stream during the Pinatubo Trek
Our kicks on top of Osaka City Manhole
My shades as we take the boat ride to Corregidor
My steps. Paying respect at the Japanese Peace Garden in Corregidor
My view of the coast at Saranggani


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