H2O Everywhere 

I have not been inspired lately.  I have been sick at home.   But who says I can’t find inspiration for this week s photo challenge H2O. Today, I found inspiration and contribution in my old photos that highlight this week’s theme. Water.

The photo above was taken at sunset. H2O in the clouds and sea water below frame the two tiny artisanal fishermen on the Opol coast.  

This is a pool photo and the water is so clear it reflects the sky.  The water reflects the shadow of the vegetation as well.    Water above and below on a pool in Davao City.  

This shrine is usually filled with pilgrims but is lonely after the rain.   You can see pools of water in the courtyard between the main church and chapel.   It’s as if the water diffuses the holiness of the place.  

I used camera filters on the Camera 360 app to improve the photographs.   


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ruth says:

    Hope you feel better soon. Enjoyed your H2O gallery.

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