Gravitational Pull 

As a single mother, I find this to be wise advice to children. It is modern, real and pragmatic. I wish I had expressed this advice myself with I had the sex talk with my son. Most of all, it is advice from personal experience and observation. The writer just happens to be a doctor also

Behind the White Coat

giant ringed planets hanging from a glass ceiling at Adler Planetarium in Chicago

I like sex.

I am a really, really big fan of sex.

Good sex.

With the right person at the right time, an orgasm is the most deliciously exquisite thing you can ever experience.

Jane, though, asked me what I would say to my kids in 10-13 years if they come to me saying they wanted to have sex.

Several things….

First, I really DO hope my kids feel they can share that with me when the time comes.

Second, I hope I can be rational about my response. I will admit that I have serious, legitimate concerns about my staying calm.

Third, I hope that someday they get to experience some really great sex.

By the time they are considering sex, they will already be so sick of listening to their doctor mom talking about STDs, after I show them picture after picture after of the ravages of…

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