Latte Art and Vanilla Creme – WPC 

I just love the way they serve the Flat White at Toby s Estate.   I adore the Latte Art they leave in my cup.    So while everyone has a cherry on top for something that makes a good thing better, mine is Latte Art on a perfect Flat White —–  Pretty, foamy and milky and already good without that little art on top.   A light and gentle  finishing touch on a rich and fine cup of joe. This is my  contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry On Top.  

I will add this as well, rich vanilla Creme to pour onto a perfect vanilla soufflé.   At Le Petit Soufflé they have only three selections for hot soufflé.  I already enjoy a good soufflé but the Creme they served made an already perfect soufflé an unforgettable one.     

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  1. wanderlustandcoffeelover says:

    I’ve already had two cups of coffee this morning and these photos make me want to get another one!

    1. I am a coffee lover myself. I have tried to switch to tea but its not the same. One more cup before three in the afternoon will not ruin your day or your sleep.

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