Love is in the Details – WPC 

Lily s 95th Birthday
It was my Godmother’s 95th birthday and not an ounce  of love was spared.    Love was all around and it filled all the cracks and tiny spaces.   The ballroom was grand, the grandest Davao City had to offer but grandeur of Tita Lily s love for her family and friends and their love for her eclipsed everything.   My small camera phone could only capture this loving detail on the seat cards on our dining table.

cafe mocha at paul boulangerie
 I like receiving latte art.   The small detail that meant the kitchen spent a little extra time to make my coffee pretty warms my heart as much as drinking the fine coffee itself.   Paul s Boulangerie serves exceptional eclairs and when paired with a lovely cup of joe, I feel light hearted—- a little like the thrill of being loved.   
sushi at akira
The Japanese tend to have a design aesthetic that they apply to everything and we can see it when serve sushi.   It really is simple ingredients just held together rather than mixed with nori.  To make this roll, every individual item is prepared separately and perfectly.   The wrong size, the nori will break.   Rolled somewhat tightly to keep its shape or the nori will tear and the rice will fall out.   The detail that goes into preparing it indicates the chef gave it a little extra.    This little extra care is something we see and taste when sushi is well made.  

halloween cupcakes at ametta place

I think it’s easy to buy Halloween treats but I like that one of my neighbors decided to make her own treats.  I think the cupcakes speak for themselves.  It was love and treats given away last Halloween.  
floor tile santo nino basilica cebu city

We often see the details of a grand altar in a church or the ceiling or Windows.  We can really see that the parishioners care when they look at every detail, even the floor.   A year ago, the church s belfry was damaged by an earthquake.  This gave me an opportunity to look down.  This detail shows how it was so important that every detail in the basilica reflect love for God.  Even the humble floor is elevated.  

I made a special order for my prayer leader.   She is always reminding us to read God s word and pray and her name is Bunny.   Rather than make uniform cupcakes, she made each piece different.    All praying.  All bunnies for Bunny.   On that day, we all felt the baker s love.   

When you do the small things well, you give life up to the lees, you sprinkle the world with love.  Love is in the Details.

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