Dinnertime at Allium – Weekly Photo Challenge 2 

I hope my photos express the boldness of the cuisine served up at Chef Marc Tan’s Allium.   His place is tucked in a corner of Legaspi village on Bolanos street. So you must visit it like a pilgrim with only one goal in mind — to have a divine meal. 



The restaurant’s decor was simple and modern complimenting his Japanese inspired dishes.   The dinner was enhanced by the wine selections of the ladies from the International Wine and Food Society.  To begin the evening efreshing New Zealand whites, followed by an unexpected Pinot Noir, and a final fragrant blended red.   The evening progressed well as the staff knew the exact moment they had to pour.    

I do not rave over salads but this shabu shabu salad laced with foies gras they say is the Chefs signature style:    Japanese inspired but unexpectedly combined with the best of western elements.   A tart Sauvignon Blanc from the New World complimented this dish.  

I would have never thought butterfish would go so well with a Pinot Noir.  I personally did not like Pinot Noir until this dinner.   My photo does not do justice to this perfect little fish dish 
I was told that this Iberico Rib Confit is not on the menu normally but it should be.   The chef explained to us that he used white soy — soy sauce that was 90 percent wheat based.  It seems the common person is used to just light or dark soy sauce but the Japanese make a greater variety that they do not share to the rest of the world.   


opera cake
I would not have expected that I would find the best version of opera cake would be in a tiny corner of Makati, somewhere in South East Asia.   He served it with coffee ice cream.    The macaron at the end was a little gift.   I will probably be here again soon— precision hospitality, generous in flavor, a simple and modern altar for this Chef.  I hope more diners find this little treasure of a restaurant.   

a precious gift
For more photos worshipping dinner, please see Dinnertime


menu for 18 April 2016
You may also like to read another food review of Allium.  It has better photos of the regular items.  

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