Comfort Food at Dinner Time- WPC

It was my son’s first date last Friday.  He said quite simply he was taking this girl he met to the movies and dinner. He said he had saved enough money from his part time job so I didn’t have to worry.  He also said his date would be taking him home. (My son can’t drive yet)


long island iced tea and fried steak
This is the opening scenario or my appetizer to Dinnertime last Friday night.  For dinner, I had to have a mass load of comfort.  Long Island iced tea (loaded) and fried beef steak and mash potatoes filled my belly and heart enough to send me to bed by 8:30 pm.  

As a single mom, you want to hear that your son is getting into this adult ritual of dating in a fiscally,physically and logistically responsible way.  It just seems that when he tells you there could be another girl in his life who could matter, there’s a big chasm that opens under your feet.   After all, has it not been just you and he against the world for the last sixteen years ? 

Slightly tipsy and full, I went to bed thinking that date better be as cute and as nice as me.  Also, I checked out recipes for Long Island Iced Tea in case there are second dates.  

If you have other recipes or remedies or recommendations for son’s date night dinner, please send it via commenting below.   

Here are some other pictures of this week s photo challenge Dinnertime.

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