Zoom in On Treats – Day 16 On Photo 101 

I am trying to complete these 30 day assignments but I can’t seem to follow the order the suggested.  For treasure and close up on Day 16, I waited for others to post because I wanted to be inspired for this assignment.  Susan treasured her memories and collections.    Maristravels focused on flora.  Raili zoomed in on meaningful gifts.   

I decided to treasure my treats.   Food is always best scene close up and in detail and truthfully, after 40 days of Lent having tasty and visually appealing food is something I cherish.  

We come to this restaurant Dolcelatte  for special meetings. I had missed lunch and was ravenous one day and I truly appreciated my meal at 4 pm.   Food satisfies one s hunger especially if you take a moment to use your senses to receive it.   

I began with dessert first because I was so hungry last Friday.   Our waiter recommended his personal favorite.  Raspberry with Oreo croughnut.  


dessert first
Then I had something I wanted for Easter brunch but missed.  

Easter craving

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