Edges and Lines Lead to Gingham Lane – Day 18

Today I let the walk going home from mass inspire me.    On Sunday mornings there is a mass at 8 am and it gives me an excuse to look around where I live.   

Today was a special day.  It’s Divine Mercy Sunday and the chapel had placed the image of the Divine Mercy out to remind mass goers.  The image of Jesus and His Divine Mercy was revealed to Sister Faustina.  The lines that you see in red and white symbolize Blood and Water from the Heart of Christ by which souls are saved through Divine Mercy.  The essence of the Divine Mercy devotion is the found in its most important prayer “Jesus, I trust in You.”


Jesus I trust in You
After mass, we walk back home and pass the clubhouse.  Here is a portion of the clubhouse as I walk going home.   

The design of where I live is decidedly linear.   The lines are comforting.  Strong structure and a clean design.  The spots of green soften it and most neighbors have added plants and foliage to soften the lines of our community.  



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