Landscape and Cropping – Day 15 

Since we were home this Holy Week, the landscape assignment seemed difficult.   I waited for my other classmates to post.  I noticed some of them were equally challenged and used old photos for the Assignment.  Living in the city, finding landscapes is a production.  So here is my photo assignment on landscapes and cropping taken from last year s visit.   

The photos are from the crater lake in Taal.  It’s approximately a 45 minute upward hike from the base of the Taal volcano.   You need to take a boat to take you to the base to start your hike.  Along the route, it is sandy and dusty but eventually you will start seeing green hills.  Unfortunately, the hike is a little steep along some rocky areas.  

I have lived in the Philippines all my life and only see Taal via Tagaytay.  Last year was my first trip to see the crater lake up lose.   

From the balcony of the viewing deck it looks like a big green heart.  

The view of the road to crater lake from the rim of Taal.  

Here is a cropped view to hide the balcony rails.  

This was taken from the base of the viewing deck and not the balcony.  

If you would like to know more about this hike, please check Taal Crater Lake.   You might like to see other Landscape.

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  1. I love the rich green color. great shots!

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