Maundy Thursday Day 12 Photo 

The theme for day 12 is monochrome and architecture.   I have been terribly remiss last week.  It seems I have found nothing to inspire my assignments.  

I was lining up for confession with my son and after the examination of conscience, it just occurred to me that I am in one of the loveliest university chapels.  I think the architecture lifts you and brings you closer to God.  

This is the view for the photo.  Stella Maris Oratory.   

This is my view from the confessional cubicles on the side.  The sacrament of reconciliation is still given the traditional way, closed door and without the priest seeing the confessor.   There is a reminder card on how to give a proper confession and this always helps when one brings younger people to confession. 

To everyone trying to make their photo assignments, forgive yourself if you can’t find that photo you imagined and instead find the inspiration for your photos in everyday things you encounter each day.   

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