An Angel on Good Friday : Day 14 Scale 

Good Friday in the Philippines is a quiet holiday.  It is the only South East Asian nation that is 90 % Roman Catholic.   Most Catholics would have completed the required 7 churches after the service for Washing of the Feet and the Blessed Sacrament is in the Altar of Repose.  On Good Friday, Catholics meditate on the Stations of the Cross and the 7 Last Words.   This year my son and I decided to avail of online Catholic services.  These were particularly convenient given the heat today.  I will recommend Pins of Light online retreat.    For stations of the cross, our little community installed Stations of the Cross.    

  It seemed a good opportunity to practice the assignment on scale.  

After praying, we walked around the village with our little bronze angel to complete the Photo 101 Assignment.  Here, she seems big on close up with the clubhouse in the background.  

She is dwarfed by flowers at a neighbor’S garden.   

She is checking the time along the sundial on active park.  

She is tiny now if we see the full view of the Sundial.  

All in all, a prayerful and charming walkabout with our Angel on Good Friday in Ametta Place.  


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