Under the Kalachuchi Tree 


May  2015 Matina, Davao  City
Mama’s kalachuchi tree
My old family home was turned into a bed and breakfast.   The rooms have changed dramatically but the gardens have their original layout.  In the center of the main garden is a medium sized Kalachuchi tree.   When I see it as I enter the gate, my spirit lifts and settles and I think to myself “I am home”.   

  My mother loved to plant Kalachuchi trees in her gardens.  There is at least one tree in every house we lived in.  Kalachuchi is called plumeria.    The leaves are wide and thick and on sunny tropical days, the tree s shade is soothing relief.   The flowers are bright white ones usually but this particular has white ones with pink edges when in bloom.   Kalachuchi flowers are familiar to most people.  They are used to make leis if you have a Hawaiian theme party.   

When I go to the garden and sit under the Kalachuchi tree, I remember Mama and I am a little girl at home again.  

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  1. jules says:

    I have lots of frangipani around my garden, but they are small. I think it’s the same plant. I love them and I can see why memories are attached to them.

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