The Red Friend 

Featured Image is from Women Health zone

In celebration of International Women s Day, I am writing about the feminine experience of menstruation.   

We learn in science that periods actually indicate a woman’s fertility and reproductive capacity.  In approximately once a month, a woman sheds the lining of her uterus.   After this, the cycle of potential fertility reboots itself.   

We learn that in varied cultures this femine cycle is treated as either a special day or a curse.    For some, they believe a woman is unclean while a woman bleeds. In the United Kingdom, one employer feels that women employees are better on leave rather than at work during her monthly course.  So now it becomes a legitimate excuse.   

We use many tools to deal with our periods.   In ancient times, the red tent was used by Jewish women.  Then we had cloth sanitary napkins for our bloody days.   Tampons are so last century.    Now, there are oral medications taken for a woman to forego her monthly period and make it annual.   

Whatever the tool or cultural perspective, this biological cycle in women binds us in a way that the Cait Jenners of this era cannot fully comprehend.   For women everywhere, you are my companions during red days and ordinary days and I celebrate that which makes us and the world fruitful and fertile.  Happy Women s Day ! 

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