Harmonious Home: Weekly Photo Challenge

Life hasn’t been harmonious this week.  Exam week for my son and deadline week for me.   This Sunday we can begin again in Harmony and Gratitude after attending Sunday mass.   

Harmony is defined as a : pleasing or congruent arrangement of parts <a painting exhibiting harmony of color and line> at Merriam Webster s.   Going through Sunday s spiritual routine gave me some perspective.   I realized I found the harmony on Gingham lane and something in my home reminds me of this.  I found a congruent arrangement of parts that make a pleasant whole.   

We moved to Gingham lane while grieving and distressed.  My son and I took care of my aging mother for over ten (10) years.  We mourned her loss and the people who we were while we lived together.  As a single mother, it was a blessing for me to have my son reared under the love of an active grandmother.  It was hard to recover.  We moved to a new home, new community, changed jobs.   After much upheaval, we found a new normal.   


[Iphone 6.  Camera 360 filter HDR ]
In our living room, we have the arrangement you see.  The letters are my initial and my son’son a mirrored tray, reflecting a portion of a chandelier.  This arrangement reminds me of the harmonious existence we now have on Gingham lane.  The mirrored tray belongs to my mother and the chandelier too.  This arrangement reminds me that we are in a new home, grown up to be more individual but we are still both encircled in my mothers love and inspiration.  We live in a smaller home, but it is a harmonious home and everything in it matters.   

This Sunday we begin again in harmony and in thanksgiving.  
For more photos of this week’s Photo challenge see Harmony.    

For more on giving thanks you may want to read Giving Thanks.   

*The table is really a wooden chest with inlaid mother of pearl made with Islamic motif decoration.   They are common in homes in Southern Philippines.  The decorative details are also known for their harmony: many little pieces of inlaid mother of pearl combined to make a harmonious detail. 


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