Letter from My Angel

This month is my sister s birthday and she asked for prayers for healing and strength as she begins the fight against breast cancer. She is the third sister to have breast cancer and I hope she will be the third one to be a cancer survivor too. I am sharing this article because awareness and early detection is so important. It also shows how breast cancer is never suffered in solitude.

Empty Nest Together

The chapel was filled with the deafening silence of the families, friends and colleagues from what would have been their wedding guests list.. This black,cruel hand of poker played by the Universe was loaded against them from the start. They did not have a chance in hell! But how could they have known? We take the natural order of things in this world for granted. We expect to have healthy children, we expect to watch them grow up and to for them to have full and fruitful lives and we certainly do not expect our children to die before we do!

Abbi was laying in the cold, pink, silk cladded white coffin… and everybody was totally broken with grief. How could faith have been so unkind to this beautiful, kind ,generous and loving couple? Life had promised them so much…They had endless possibilities but it had delivered them into the…

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