Weekly Photo Challenge: A Cloudy Season 

Photo of myself.  Taken by my son Miguel at 2016 Art Fair Philippines at the Link car park. Makati City.     I am looking at Fair Isle by Martha Atienza. ( I phone 6.   Adjusted the exposure a little and cropped for emphasis.)

I guess you could say it’s a cloudy season: Some sunshine.   No rains.   A little cool in the evenings but too cloudy to see stars.   This reflects my mood this 2016.   Everything is so unsettled.   There is the promise of a great summer followed by refreshing rains but just right now there s a haze that covers what 2016 will be like.  Many plans are not completed and varied unexpected events just surprised me.       Some blessings and equally some trials.  In my heart, this is a cloudy season.  

It is also a season of great art.   In the Philippines, it is National Arts Month.  Hence, art fair ph and other art exhibits.   I think more and more people attend.   This is a picture of a small portion of the wall where art fair visitors can leave messages or their little own piece of art.  

(Taken on I phone 6 with tonal filter) 

As a Catholic, it is also the Lenten season and I especially like that Daniel de la Cruz had religious themed silver sculptures in his exhibit at the art fair.     Here are my favorite perspectives of his work.    

 If you would like to see more  photos about the seasons of other bloggers, please check out Seasons.   If you would like to find out more about the Art fair please go check Artfairph

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