Wine Crawl: What Singles Should Do The Day Before Valentine’s Day 

13 February 2016.  Saturday. 4 pm

If you are single like me, you wonder what you do with yourself on a couples event like Valentine s Day.  My recommendation is to go out with your friends the day before and start drinking late afternoon.   Joining a wine crawl is probably the best pre Valentine event for singles.  

You might ask what does one do at a wine crawl.  Please follow the instructions below:

1.   You eat and DRINK merrily at each wine merchant s booth.  You present your glass.    You open yourself to try varied wine samples in tasting portions.  You allow your senses to evaluate the wine.   Please inhale the fragrance of the wine.  Swirl it in your wine glass.   Discover your personal preferences.   

2.   You partake of water or snacks in between tastings. 

3.    You discuss with a friend or an attractive fellow wine lover the characteristics of the snack or the wine.  Listen to what they have tried and use the added information to find the next wine trial.  You may check or mark preferences with a pen.    

4.     You purchase a bottle or more of favorite wine to take home.   Maybe consider buying the lovely ham or triple cream Brie they paired the wine with.   Try not to use plastic to pay as most of the merchants now accept credit card.   

5.  Best of all you allow yourself to get inebriated in the company of others who will do steps 1 to 4 with the remaining six (6) wine merchants.   

I recommend the following to wine crawlers:

A. Be wary of those who like to photograph on their mobile phones and upload photos immediately on social media.   

B.  Avoid taking selfies.  You may drop the wine.   

C.  Choose the table nearest your favorite wine merchant. Tastings are more convenient.  

D.    Choose a dining table and not the couch and arm chair areas.  Alcohol consumption can be guessed from difficulty in bending and rising.   

E.  Practice walking in a straight line between merchants.   

F.   Wear flats.  Maintaining balance between booths is required.   

F.   leave after you have had at least six trials or before you need assistance to go to the toilet.   

G.  Having a cup of coffee and taking a break then going to drink more wine is acceptable.  

H.  Remember that if you buy more than 6 bottles, some merchants offer delivery services.   

I.   Get a non wine crawler to take you home or hire a driver or car service for the day 

The best thing about gradual wine intoxication during a wine crawl is that you stretch out the happy before you get seriously tipsy, you still smell pleasant when drunk albeit a little fruity and everyone remembers how they arrived and forgets how they said goodbye. The wine buzz slips in and sleeps in.   You get to bed with a smile and just maybe you wake up after hibernating during Valentine s day.    

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