WPC Life And Art

Life Imitates Art“>Life imitates art.   Or rather life and art and art and life.  I have found things in life with a little artistic impression stamped on.   

I ended up finding how things in my life can be updated with a little artistic perspective /filter.   

I passed by this place on the way home from the airport.   

It’s the Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador Misamis Oriental.  It felt like God and man painted a perfect picture of that particular morning.  (I phone 6.  Camera 360 app adjustments on . Sketch filter painting)   The lines reach heavenward and the love of Christ like rays downward.  
This is the picture of Ava in my mind.  She is slightly faded as it will be almost a year since her mother decided she must never see her Roxas family.  She still smiles brightly.   (I phone 6 shot.  Camera 360 app.  Adjustments in color and blur function ) 

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