Weekly Photo Challenge: The Gift of Time 

Photo taken on iPhone 6. Camera 360 filter. Sketch

One time piece is from my father who wore it everyday.  When I wear it, I feel time is on my side.  

Another piece, a brilliant lawyer gifted me from his first paycheck.  It reminds me of happier times.  

One wristwatch I bought after my heart was broken.  It reminds me that time heals all wounds.  

Two were presents from my mother.  My mother who always arrived beautiful but delayed by half an hour at least.   For her, time was a wrist s ornament.  

One I received from my mentor —- a lovely lady who was always half on earth and half in the clouds.  

In all these pieces, I sense the passage of time, the importance of time and that time (mine or the time giver’s) is the most precious gift of all.  Time

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  1. What a beautiful collection💕

  2. myrtlesnest says:

    Really like your post. My husband collects complicated time pieces and each has a story too.
    Thank you for reblogging Letter from my Angel. I am fundraiser for Breast Cancer Now. If I can help in anyway , please send me a message.

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