Making LOGL ‘s 100 List of 2016 

I wish I could say I thought about this but actually I read it as part of @michelleweber ‘s Blogging 101 course.   She asked us to look for other blogs we might like.  My reader fell upon Berdadisini s 100 list.   I envied this blogger s experience of crossing off more than 50 percent of the 100 things she wanted to do in life.   The list was random — it included travel, lessons and experience.

For 2016, I am making  my own 100 list.    Oddly the process to make the list is a journey in itself.  I began by falling for random suggestion on @berdadisini:

1. To travel and visit Indonesia.

2. To Go To Tokyo on my Son’s 20th Birthday in January

3. To Hike the Sieben Gebirge and Take a Cruise along the Rhine with my son

Then Suggestion by classmates

4.  To climb Mount Pinatubo

5.   To have a signature recipe for potluck dinners

6.  To learn 50 ways to tie a scarf

7.   To ride a hot air balloon

8.  To publish my book

Then I discovered, I need more time to make my 100 list.

* featured photo is from Kaartje2go.

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