Viva Vibrant – Weekly Photo Challenge

This week was a challenge for me especially because I ended the week of struggles with a bout of diarrhea.   However, the challenge helped me see the beauty of life while I rested at home.  These vibrant photos of last summer s trip brought me back to life.   I hope it is as invigorating for you as it is for me

First stop, our base in Davao City.   Domicilio Lorenzo is a family run bed and breakfast that features poolside rooms and garden view rooms.   We wake up to this every morning.  

  Below Is my photo of the family photographer.  He was trying to catch a shot of the eagle at the Philipine Eagle Center in Calinan, near Davao City.  

The place is a sanctuary for humans and eagles alike.    It also gives photo enthusiasts hours of pleasurable work.   

Even the food in the City is vibrant. This crispy shrimp dish is my favorite at Marina Tuna in Buhangin.   It is so crispy and light that you can eat the shrimp whole without removing the skin.  
  Of course, a Philippine summer isn’t complete without a visit to the island of Boracay.     

For other vibrant photos please check Vibrant.

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