Weekly Photo Challenge – Circles 

I usually post one photo inspired by the week’s photo challenge.     CircleHowever I am a little inspired by the joy in my heart.   New Year’s Day is always wonderful for me.  It’s also my birthday.  It is so delightful when the whole world celebrates your birthday.   And even when the whole world celebrates, I am ecstatic with the pockets of joyful time with special friends and loved ones.  

The first photo was taken around 630 pm on the last day of the year.   It is the base of a tall Christmas tree.  If you look closely, the tree is made of rosaries contributed to the Padre Pio shrine.  So a circle made of many circle chains, made of circle beads ——-

On that day, my son got me a coloring book with colors.  I just find it a fine circle of life that my son is buying me coloring books and pencils when I used to buy them for him.  You may notice that two days after new year year there is less ensaimada and cheese  rolls

On the circle of life, I am so thankful to be able to pray my petition here for a child and visit 16 years after with the son I prayed for.   The intercession of Our Lady Mediatrix is most powerful.   

  Finally, I want to share the circles I shared with my circle of friends yesterday.    I met these girls when we were 15 going on 16 and they are still my buddies 45 going on 46.    Photos by Marc Jocom.  I was too busy talking with my chums and remembered he took the food photos.  


For more circles, please see <a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/circle/”>Circle</a&gt;. Maybe you would like to join and present your own circle.   

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