Gathering of Winners.  WPC -Gatherings 

I was sick for the past days so I decided to look for past pictures of gatherings for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge Gatherings.   

This photo moved me not because it was my son s team that won but because both teams played well.   For me, they were all winners.   

If you notice the team on the right wore slippers, they played all their four (4) games barefoot.  They were from a public school in Marikina and their coach just volunteered. They barely had enough money to pay the tournament s joining fees.    They reached the finals because the other teams were overconfident and misjudged their lack of gear and was blind to their skill.   

My son s school was the last to play them.  Being Montessorians they observed something, the shoeless team was faster and they had great ball handling skills.  Their team originally dreaded playing against the Blues, an all boys school that regularly won sporting events in every age category,  but the barefoot team beat them up with a zero.   The Blues coach announced extra practice as they left even before the finals play.  

However, by being calm, honoring their opponent’s skill, saying a prayer, and keeping the ball away from that one player that seemed to have hands on his feet, they won by just one goal.     This is a picture of them after the finals.   The other teams and their followers didn’t wait for the tournament to end before making their exit.  For me, this was a gathering of winners.   Gathering

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  1. macmsue says:

    I loved the feelings the shot conveyed and the story about the tournament made it more special, thanks for sharing it. I hope the “Barefoot Boys” keep participating, they show what you really need to be successful.

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