WPC – Oops! My Babana

Would you like some babana crepes?   This is particularly funny for me because I received babana just this year.  Babana is the local name for soursop in the Visayas and Guyabano in Tagalog.   The fruit is very fibrous.

Photo from Platinum Soursop

Babana and banana is NOT the same banana by a mile.

I actually bought some banana crepes from this gentleman in Thailand in 2012 and he didn’t understand why I kept smiling or why I loved his stall.

Photo from the Hungry Muse

I truly enjoyed this week s theme because the WPC theme was funny.

If you would like to see other photos on this week s theme please checkWeekly Photo Challenge OopsOops!

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  1. beingmepresently says:

    I have never heard of Babana. What does it taste like? X

    1. Babana is fibrous. So it is not easy to chew on and not the best item for crepes. It has a sweet sour taste. I find it has no similar comparison to most western fruit. Must taste for yourself. You Must have it fresh. When they juice it, or make it a shake — you never fully experience the fruit because they remove the fiber.

      1. beingmepresently says:

        Sounds interesting. I will look out for it. X

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