Fountain Boy in the Garden

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Last month, I visited my family home that we had turned into a bed and breakfast.   We wanted a way to keep our home amidst the sea of change in our home town that has increasingly turned metropolitan.  While the basic landscape design was intact and the structural layout of the house stayed familiar, we had been changing the house little by little, day by day, week by week, month by month and it almost seemed that it had a life of its own. This trip I noticed how our fountain was still there somewhat.  It just took another form.

A special feature of the house was the garden entrance.  While my parents lived, on the left side as you entered you would see a white fountain and pond with koi.  In the middle was the angelic figure of a young boy that sat comfortably in the middle of this oasis.

My sister had removed the fountain and pond.    She felt it bred insects.   It didn’t help that there was a small leak that couldn’t be found.    The persistent leak eventually led to the destruction of the whole fountain and pond area.   It’s been three (3) years since the water lilies were thrown out, the pond was drained, and the plumbing fixtures for the fountain removed.   It’s been cemented and replaced with a quiet seating area and potted greens.

This year I found the figure of the boy that used to be at the center of the fountain.   Instead of wading in a green pond, he was seated in a grassy couch.   Yet he was still greeting visitors that arrived from the left side of the garden.   Change has a way of making us forget our past and we might disappear like the boy in the fountain. Change may also mean that we never forgot our true selves and just needed another perspective, like seeing your guests alongside the green instead of looking down from a pedestal.


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    1. I realize you will have to open the blog to see the whole picture. Thank you for your comment. I wonder if the adjustment must be made on the theme, the way I post or the way I frame the photo. I posted an unedited and unfiltered photo. Please check my next post. Hopefully your feedback led me to improve.

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