Remembering Light

I came to Gingham Lane after I lost my mother to pneumonia and its complications.  Her name was Luz meaning light.  Oddly, I cared for her over ten years while she was battling Alzheimer’s disease.   Eventually the disease dimmed the light in my mother s life but it didn’t break her will nor diminish  her love.   She died mid-November after a month s fighting for her life every other day three (3) years ago.  Tonight I remember Luz.   I remember Light.  

I remember how she literally illuminated the room with her bold jewelry and beaded garments.  I recall how our house was filled with holiday decor after All Saints Day.    She floated in high heels and over applied a strong fruity fragrance and everyone could hear or smell she was in the room.    

Lately, everything she gave has broken down or withered.   Of the 30 plants, we have about 10 left.    Her orchids refused to bloom.   The car she left us and the refrigerator are beyond repair.   The chandelier remains and it is still bright but some crystal pieces have fallen.   

It’s as if she wants to fade as we plant our roots on Gingham Lane.   There s a new car in the parking lot.   Potted herbs that replace her decorative plants.    A practical kitchen lamp to balance her elegant crystal chandelier.   Her old furniture is there but updated in matte silver.   

I remember the light and how it was to live with her.   I carry some light within me too and I hope I share in in this blog.    


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  1. Thank you for sharing your memories of Luz. Even when the mementos have gone there will always be the memories and those delightful reminders – when you see something that you know your Mum would have liked, and in an instant she is with you again in all her light.

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