My Prayer For Paris

On The 13th of November 2015, the heart of the city of Paris was attacked by terrorists. It seems they wanted to bind the city that symbolized love and freedom with chains of fear and death. 129 dead in Bataclan theater. 350 injured. A city of 2.2 million living in a state of emergency. The world prayed with them and for them. Here is one prayer from peaceful, quiet Gingham lane.  

Dear Lord

You are the source of all hope and light, fill the city of Paris with light of hope.   I join my prayers with millions on this earth for the people of Paris to transcend the tragedy of last Friday’s horrors.   

Bless the Parisiennes with the gift of tears so their pain washes away gently.    Bless the leaders of the city with wisdom and steadfastness so they can restore the vibrant atmosphere of Paris.   Envelope the families and friends of the victims with your comfort and love.   

In this tragedy, I thank You Father that many more lives were further spared from harm and that many who were injured received treatment. I am grateful that I am able to pray for the city of Paris. Thank you Lord for the joy that city has given us in the past and the hope with courage that the city is showing us now.   


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