Honest Writing

 The other day I read

The state we’re in…   You can read it at 


It’s an honest account of blogging and writing in the midst of an uneasy life.   She gave a sensory description of her difficult ordinary moments.   It made me think of my own writing and blogging in the midst of my busy life.    

Yesterday, I flew into another city.  We arrived late because the airport was so busy we were number 13 on the runway.   I had lunch at 4 pm and dinner at 9pm during a working meeting.   I checked 6 out of 10 items in my to do list.  

I like that @beingmepresently writes and it may be the best thing in her day.   I write at work and write to exhaustion to fulfill the objectives of another person.   I sleep and I was so tired I couldn’t even  dream.   Tonight,  I find that writing for others has sapped me of the energy to write on this blog and to write for myself.    

This is probably the most honest part of my day.   I scribble on this blog to reflect on my own busyness and the blur that makes me forget that the writing must also be meaningful to me.  The work must carry a piece of my mind or a bit of my soul.   

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  1. beingmepresently says:

    Thank you for the mention. I’m really pleased that you resonated with something from it. The point of sharing our experiences is to help others in whatever way they need and to let them know that they’re not alone – and of course, most importantly to heal yourself. X

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