IMG_3423Gingham as a noun is a woven cloth with a checked pattern in bold color.   It is a print typically associated with a country or rural lifestyle.    Lately, gingham is on trend and worn by fashion plates and printed on linens and plates.

The pattern looks like many squares or hashtags in row upon row and organized in direct columns.  The contrast of white against the lines highlight the pattern.

Living on gingham lane is much like that.   Visually it is a  row of square shaped townhouses in a neat and organized community of other townhouses.   The spaces in between emphasize the checkerish pattern if one looks at it via drone camera or Google maps.

In another plane, living on gingham lane is just like a series of well spaced hashtags, organized organically so they don’t bump into each other and there is space enough to appreciate its unity of design.    I think that’s what I would like to share in this blog—  Present a life of  simple organized lines with enough space so one can appreciate the big picture and still notice the elements that contribute to it.

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